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Official Recognition Program
the Canadian Food Inspection Agency


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Official Recognition Program
began with the Ministerial Agreement in Whitehorse in 2001.  It is the world’s first government recognition process for on-farm food safety programs and is led by CFIA, with participation by the Provincial and Territorial governments. 

CFIA Official Recognition Program consists of three stages which National Commodity Groups must successfully complete in order to have their On Farm Food Safety Program (OFFSP) recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  These stages are:

  • Technical Review (Part One – Government Technical Review and Part Two – Government Review of the Management System) 
  • OFFSP Implementation and Third-Party Audit
  • Implementation Assessment by Government


In addition to recognizing the National Commodity Group’s On-Farm Food Safety Programs, CFIA will perform a Post-Recognition Ongoing Monitoring (PROM) component.  The PROM consists of two components.  The first is a partial system assessment of the OFFSP with CFIA reviewing sections of the existing program and monitoring systems 18 months following recognition by CFIA of the OFFSP.   The second component is a full-system assessment by CFIA 3 years following recognition. 


More information on the CFIA Recognition Process can be found at:  http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/fssa/polstrat/reco/recoe.shtml

This description may change as the Recognition Process is still under negotiation by CFIA, industry and the Provincial and Territorial governments.

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